Thursday, August 10, 2006


1995 or 1996 not exactly sure but I could find out if I wanted to dig through boxes of pictures in my closet. This was taken at a park in San Marco, CA down near San Diego. There was a restored old house in the park used for community events, etc. I really liked the texture of the peeling paint. This is a digital scan of a photo placed on a black backgroud using Photoshop. I created this to use as a wallpaper for my computer. I need to rescan this at a highter resolution.


JBZ on da Blogosphere said...

Shit man why don't we combine talents and create a book? and shows???
Seriously you (and I :-))have some great stuff!!! what do you say?


Bspringer said...

I've thought about that before but I can't blow my stuff up that BIG! I could never compete with no furniture! So what is the first step? Maybe this is the first step....hey it's a step.

-J said...

first, blowing your stuff up may be fun??? and also add other insights into your works distinct from the photo sizes. Let's get together and talk about it, well come up with some great ideas.