Friday, August 11, 2006

Moon Over Lake

Moon Over Lake

July 2 thru 4, 2004. Taken at Buena Vista Recreation Lake just outside of Bakersfield. Taken with my Canon Rebel film SLR. Hotter than hell during the day but beautiful at night. While drinking by the lake I noticed how the moon was reflecting off the water and wanted to see if I could capture it. However I didn't have a tripod. So I placed the camera on a chair, using a 28-80 I bracketed like a mother with the timer. There are lots of exposures but this really is the best. Yes this has been enhanced using Photoshop or Picassa or both but only the contrast and brightness. The colors are pretty much real. I've been trying different things to try to pull out the details in the shadows but I just lose the black I want.


-J said...

i think you've touched on some of what i like in your works...the black is used terrifically and makes the images very appealing to me. the window is an example of this and the lower left, how the black is just intruduced into the white is a great part of it and really moves me!

Anonymous said...

Excellent pix Brian. Thank you for sharing. I really like this one in particular 'Moon Over Lake.' Best, Jeff Zander