Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yosemite Half-Dome

Half Domes

Okay here is the story....I was riding my bike around 7:00 pm and noticed a photographer in a meadow across from Curry village. I went over to see what he was shooting and saw this great view of Half-Dome so I started shooting like crazy, but the other guy was just hanging around waiting. Whatever...I just kept shooting. Then I noticed about 10 people in chairs and sitting on blankets having a picnic. Hum. Nice spot for sure. Great idea. So this is just on of about 20 shots. Not your normal view of half dome and to me it kinda looks like a dog.

Then I went back to camp and about a hour later I took a walk along Merced river (without my camera) . Walking along I looked up and had a clear view of half-dome and now with a beautiful golden tone. Damn no camera. I ran back to our camp, grabbed my camera and started shooting as fast as possible. Now I know what everyone was waiting for in meadow. However I was able to capture this view. I really liked how the tree tops slope in the frame.

Unfortunately that was our last day and I couldn't go back the next evening. Now I have something to look forward to the next time we go. I just have remember to bring food for the picnic.

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