Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mr Postman

Mr. Postman

This is the result of two separate projects and 20 years of technology.

In 1984 my friend and I recorded this song at a semi-pro studio at some guy's house in Northridge, CA. I played guitar and background vocals. We had the song written going into the studio and basically cut it in probably an hour and maybe spent 30 minutes mixing (and it shows). When we wrote the song we never used any real percussions and for this recording we had a drummer and a conga player which I think really brings the song to a different level.

Later in 1985, in a photography class we had to do a final project, so I decided to create a slide "video." Yes, slides in the carousel and everything. I had to time the slides with the music so it all worked out. I did get an "A". The photos were from the neighborhood while riding my bicycle, Thanksgiving dinner at my cousins and a trip to the Federal cemetery in West Los Angeles; those pictures I really liked and a great little field trip.

So for the past 20 years the recording and the slides sat in my closet never seeing the light of day until I discovered, slide-scanning, Windows Movie Maker and DVD burning. Although I had some notes, I couldn't really remember the original order and the timing didn't seem correct, so I had to repeat images in the guitar solo part using the flipping gimic. I couldn't do this originally. But overall I think it came out pretty well, although our vocals are a bit weak.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Brian for letting me see and hear all this. Very well done. Funny how much I can relate to all that. Did you ever truly appreciate the extra time that you may have had back in 85?
Keep at it. Very impressed with your work.
Talk to you soon.
Chris L